Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.2ed & ISAPI modules
Author Jason Wharton
You don't share the session. Each thread context should have its own
You should not need to do anything with the alternative session at all.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] IBO 4.2ed & ISAPI modules

> hi,
> i'm building a high perf isapi web application using D6 webbroker,
> IIS5.0, IB5.6 and IBO4.2ed. everything worked fine (and fast) just
> until i tried to do http-redirects from one isapi-dll to another,
> which results in crashing the inetinfo process. what i did is:
> * place a tib_session in the webmodule (first in creation order)
> * place connection and transaction in the webmodule
> * use remote connection (localhost/tcpip)
> * create queries dynamically in oncreate of the webmodule,
> using the session in the webmodule as owner
> * do something (and a redirect)
> * free the queries in ondestroy of the webmodule
> my logs tell me that the first dll finishes fine, the second one
> doesn't get over the oncreate of the webmodule. i think it could be
> that the second one starts while the first one hasn't yet freed all
> of it's components - some of the queries are exactly the same in both
> modules, all of them use the same ib user and the problem also occurs
> when isapi caching is turned off.
> i read about SetAlternateSession method of tib_session: would i have
> to use this to make the inetinfo.exe process share one tib_session
> with it's isapi-dlls?
> this would scare me .. i don't have an idea of how to share the
> session throughout the different modules - and i have plenty of them
> (more than 10)!
> thank you for your help, i am really stuck!
> christoph
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