Subject IBO 4.2ed & ISAPI modules

i'm building a high perf isapi web application using D6 webbroker,
IIS5.0, IB5.6 and IBO4.2ed. everything worked fine (and fast) just
until i tried to do http-redirects from one isapi-dll to another,
which results in crashing the inetinfo process. what i did is:

* place a tib_session in the webmodule (first in creation order)
* place connection and transaction in the webmodule
* use remote connection (localhost/tcpip)
* create queries dynamically in oncreate of the webmodule,
using the session in the webmodule as owner
* do something (and a redirect)
* free the queries in ondestroy of the webmodule

my logs tell me that the first dll finishes fine, the second one
doesn't get over the oncreate of the webmodule. i think it could be
that the second one starts while the first one hasn't yet freed all
of it's components - some of the queries are exactly the same in both
modules, all of them use the same ib user and the problem also occurs
when isapi caching is turned off.

i read about SetAlternateSession method of tib_session: would i have
to use this to make the inetinfo.exe process share one tib_session
with it's isapi-dlls?

this would scare me .. i don't have an idea of how to share the
session throughout the different modules - and i have plenty of them
(more than 10)!

thank you for your help, i am really stuck!