Subject Re: [IBO] Please Help with TDBLookupComboBox;
Author Jason Wharton
This could be the result of IBO 3.6 allowing something it shouldn't have
Please send me privately a DDL script to create the metadata in question and
a form with the queries and a button I click on to get the

I'll either be able to tell you what is wrong with what you are doing or fix
a bug in IBO.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Please Help with TDBLookupComboBox;

> Hi,
> I have weird problem here. When I was using IB_objects 3.6x eval
> version my application worked fine but when I registered and got
> version 4.0x (latest) my TDBLookupComboBox does work anymore. I get a
> error whicht states it can't fine a fieldname and is trace to
> TIB_Row.ByName function in "IBA_ROW.IMP"
> I am using Interbase with dialect 3, my field names have upper and
> lowercase characters e.g "SiteID". When my app was written with
> IB_Objects v3.6x I had to use quotes around my fieldnames but with
> v4.0x I had to remove the quotes for dataware components. I am using
> TIBOQuery components BTW.
> The following DBLookupComboBox properties are as follow:
> DataField = SiteID
> ListField = SiteName
> KeyField = SiteID **
> Both listsource and datasource are fill in correctly..
> ** I only get an error when I fill in the KeyField property. What am
> I doing wrong?