Subject RE: [IBO] Field Properties:Display Format + Bug?
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
I thought about doing it and tried it but it also did not work on my
machine. If I do this and only change the attributes to currency and
not anything else a value of 19 becomes 0.0019

There is also sort of a bug. After setting attributes the dataset becomes
inactive for reasons unclear to me, the bug is that the active property of
ib_query does not get updated in the object inspector. It does, but only
after selecting another property will it change to false. That could mean
it is a Delphi bug. If you press apply an then ok it display correctly as
Active=False if you only press ok it display as Active=True. Why does the
dataset becomes inactive when you change column attributes could it not just
be reloaded.

Helen your suggestion works but only after removing the currency attribute.
Should the currency attribute not be able to work together with
and editmask. Idealy one would expect the currency attribute to get the
currency symbol and other settings from regional options but in my case
with ibo3 and ibo4 it does not work, or I cant get it to work.

Also behaviour that is strange to me that I mentioned before is that
the dataset makes itself inactive on runtime. Please explain to me why it
does that.

> I would simply flag the affected field as currency in the ColumnAttributes
> Tab of the IB_Query...but check that your FieldProperties are empty for
> displayFormat and EditMask as otherwise the columnattribute gets ignored!
> Anyway, if you do not want to use the ColumnAttributes for
> whatever reason,
> you will have to use the syntax of the FormatFloat or FormatmaskText
> functions and not the format-strings syntax (the sysntax you used here) as
> that will be ignored. Typical displayFormat-entries look like #00.00 or
> so.....