Subject Re: [IBO] RTL with IB_Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:25 PM 19-09-01 +0300, Omar Iskandarone wrote:
>When I change the BIDIMode property of an IB_Grid to RightToLeft, the text,
>in the rows and the title, won't show any more! A blank grid except from the
>lines between the rows. The only way to see something is to select a field.
>Then its content is select in blue and the characters show in white. This is
>very important as I need to have some "arabic" layout, that is right to
>left. The problem is not being possible to use other grids with IB_Objects.

That one I'll leave to Jason and Geoff...

>Another question form a beginer. How can I tell an updatable TIB_Query about
>fields that might get default values once posted to the server.

First of all, the server defaults only come into action during an Insert and only if no value is sent from the client. That means you must write an explicit InsertSQL statement (in the InsertSQL property) that excludes any columns for which you REQUIRE the defaults to fire.

If you wish to have a default applied only in case the user omits a value, then you have two choices.
1. You can set the query's GetServerDefaults property to True. This will cause a query to the server BEFORE your insert is posted, to fetch and apply defaults to unfilled defaulted columns. This is expensive, because of the extra query.

2. You can place the default values into the DefaultValues property yourself. This is a stringlist property so just click the ellipsis button and enter each column=value on its own line, e.g.


You can set application-wide defaults instead, in the ib_connection object's DefaultValues property. In this case, you enter the table identifier as well, e.g.


>I'm a littel
>confused with the editor that comes with the component.

Pressing the ellipsis button beside the stringlist properties in the Object Inspector displays the standard stringlist editor.

Double-clicking on the ib_query component gives you an alternative way to enter many of the properties. A lot of them are stored in stringlists. There is a full list of these inside the Tech Info Sheet "Working with Fields & Params" which you can download from Tech Info Sheets page of the ibo website.


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