Subject TIB_TreeView - idiot's guide required !
Author Norman Dunbar
I'm having a 'brain dead' type of day today, so please be gentle with me !

I've added the tree view from the AddOn folder to BCB 4 and I was wondering
if someone could point me at setting up the filed_xxx properties to get it
to display some data. I've had a look in the source but I'm a bit rusty in
the Delphi department these days :o(

I've set it up to use a connection to the contact example database, added a
query (select * from contact) and want to see something in the tree view but
I'm flummoxed. Maybe the contact sample isn't the best one to use, but I
had to start somewhere !

I connect to the database, prepare & open the query, call LoadData for the
tree view and nothing is displayed.

IBO 4.2eb and BCB 4 professional are what I've got to use. I had to make one
change to the tree view source, in the Delphi source there is tNewData type
defined with a bool parameter called 'auto' - this is a reserved word in C
and C++ so I changed it to 'automatic' instead.

Thanks in advance.


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