Subject ANN: musiGuide
Author Claus Thor Barth
Hi there,

This could maybe be of interest to you, if you like to see how InterBase is
performing on the net :o)

musiGuide is a huge InterBase database (more than 30m records) that is
running on a Linux server in Copenhagen.

If you are interessted in music you can now get access to this database
featuring over 3.5 million titles...

with information about the artist, composer, songwriter, musicians, running
time, technology, genre, etc.....
musiGuide is based on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's register of the
hundreds of thousands of recordings in its files. Some 1,000 new recordings
are added to musiGuide every month, making it by far the largest database on
the market. musiGuide is continuously updated with the latest releases.

Millions of names of groups, musicians, soloists, conductors, composers,
lyricists, etc...

Search criteria
As well as the "normal" search criteria, musiGuide comes complete with
cross-searches (searches in several fields at the same time) and free-text
searches. Free-text searching allows you to find a recording even though you
are not sure about the spelling or the full title. All you have to do is
search on a part of the name, title, lyrics, etc. No matter how little
information you feed it, musiGuide will generate an answer!

Searches can be based on: artist, cover title, track title, musicians,
composer, songwriter, arranger, record label, catalogue number, country,
year and genre.

Please try it out :

If you have InterBase Client or Server installed choose : "musiGuide Program
Files Only" in the installation.

Best regards