Subject Re: [IBO] IB Controls and Grid Question
Author Geoff Worboys
> Q2.
> In 3.6 , when Some Contols (like IB_EditEnh) get foucs
> , i can Click Form Button , but in IBO v4 , i need to
> click the Button twice time. First time , cause the
> Control lose Focus, and second time click
> button again.
> Q3.
> During desing time , whne i put IB_ComboBox into
> IB_Grid , every time i trigger IB_Query Active
> property True/False.
> Error Occur Message
> 'Cannot Focus a disabled or invisible window.'

Thanks heaps for the demo - I can now see clearly the issues you

I have a fix for Q3 (changes to IB_Grid.pas) which I will send Jason
shortly, and can send you a copy directly by email or you can wait for
the next IBO release. The problem was specific to a control on the
first column of a grid (did not occur when on second or subsequent

I have altered the grid so that it will not attempt to alter visible
(or the location or border) of the control at designtime. I found
that the control would seem to "disappear" because the border was
removed. By making these changes all controls (whether on the first
or subsequent columns) should now behave consistently at designtime.

I can see the problem described in Q2 - and it is worse than
described. Its not just that you cannot click a button, you cannot
even focus a control without issuing a second click. I think I now
understand another posting that was made to this list.

I also have a possible fix for this. However given since I think it
was a change that I recently sent to Jason that introduced this
problem, I would rather wait for Jason to confirm after I send him a
copy of the changes.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing