Subject Re: [IBO] Hello (Im New)
Author Geoff Worboys
> Im new to this group so whats up?

The sky :-)

Welcome to the wonderful world of IBO. We trust you will find this a
mostly friendly and helpful list, with users spanning most versions of
Delphi and C++Builder.

I presume you have already been to the ibo website but other useful resources include:

news:// - the news group version of this list

and of course Firebird at sourceforge...

You will find other useful links on the above websites.

If you have Interbase/Firebird specific problems/questions you will
probably want to subscribe to the IB_Support list (using the
YahooGroups page where you subscribed to this list).

I hope you find developing with IBO as enjoyable and effective as we

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing