Subject Re: [IBO] tib_query...Using it...Help.
Author Geoff Worboys
> For example I have a collection of TAddress objects
> some of which are Tnewaddress objects and some are
> ToldAddress objects.

It sounds like you have built yourself some sort of cached update
arrangement. That you are not using data-aware controls, but rather
you are feeding thise Tnew* and Told* objects from "standard"
controls. Given this I imagine that you have a form of controls which
feed these objects and then when the user hits the "Save" button you
process the objects to the server.

Am I close to correct?

If I am correct then I think you have two options...

1. Discard all your previous work and rewrite using IBO-aware controls
and TIB_Query components. You can still "batch" your work either
using cached updates (built into IBO) or using transactions - which
are designed for specifically this purpose.


2. Ignore most of IBO and simply use the TIB_Cursor and/or TIB_DSQL
components with parameters (to provide the key information for
locating the records to be updated, deleted). If using TIB_Cursor you
simply call Insert or Edit and then update the fields
(IB_Cursor1.FieldByName(...)) as required and then call Post.

There is probably little point in going into more detail until we know
whether my above assumptions are correct, and which path you wish to

I will say that option 2 will leave you with much more code to write,
and will not take advantage of many of IBOs built-in capabilities.
However it would allow you to keep much more of your current
application. Note that TIB_Query is really setup for user
interaction using IBO-aware controls, more often than not it is
inappropriate in other circumstances.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing