Subject Re: [IBO] Jason get Helen to ...
Author Geoff Worboys

I think you have been overly sensitive. I found nothing too offensive
"bothering to keep the list emails". I guess you could read
antagonism into that, if you are actually looking for offense.

Helen is one of the most helpful people on this list, and contributes
to many others besides. With so many contributions it cannot be
expected that all will be proof-read for possible offense to the

Personnally I thought that my earlier suggestion that you may require
assistance getting started with basic Pascal programming was more
likely to offend. But it was not intended that way either, but
offered because your inability to pickup the minor flaws in the sample
code and your reported difficulties in getting IBO installed all
appeared to indicate lack of experience with Pascal and Delphi.

I think you will find that monetary threats have little impact on
Jason, Helen or myself. If we were only "in it for the money" then
products like IBO would not be available as trustware.

I have been presuming that "delphiman" is an alias. I think you would
find your remarks had more credibility if you actually provided your
name, and given the nature of your threats, some substantiation of
your abilities.

This has always been a friendly list where we refer to each other on
friendly terms, usually by name. I believe that we all try to
understand that typos are made and misunderstandings inevitable when
people are offering unpaid assistance in their spare time, sometimes
very late at night.

If you want assistance, ask for it and we will do our best to help.
The more explicit and specific you can be the better your responses
are likely to be. I think you will find this list is NOT tolerant of
abusive postings such as the one you have made. Our intentions have
been honourable, I suggest that you make an apology to this list as
soon as you have calmed down.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing