Subject Re: [IBO] Start Interbase when my IBO App runs?
Author Artur Anjos
I know I have read somehere about running IB/FB with no ip access. I will do a search at the end of the day and return back to you.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Start Interbase when my IBO App runs?

> I know it's OT, but how can you keep interbase local, i.e. not allow others
> to open my databases? I tried to ask it in IB forums, but didn't get any
> response

As I currently work on secure networks it is someone elses
problem, but here are some pointers.

The main problem is external access to the machine, no
network connection, no problem.

With the advent of more open connections, it is not just
FB/IB that needs security your whole machine does. I keep
getting messages comming through when I am connected, asking
me to eMail so they can advise on improving my security. I
change connecting then so IP address.

FB has the means of changing the default 3050 port number
which may be a help, but the main thing is to prevent access
to the port via some firewall product. The same goes for
other 'services' that are running as well which Microsoft
think are a good idea.

Can anybody point us all to a good source of this sort of
security information. Or suggest a way forward here.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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