Subject RE: [IBO] Jason get Helen to reel her neck in!! Or lose $90 000!!!
Author Tobias Giesen
> if you are not bothering to keep the list emails for reference
> Helen you are NOT doing Jason's excellent efforts and (what
> appears to be) an excellent development any good with this kind
> of snide remark.

Hey, calm down, this is a great support forum, let's keep it peaceful. Helen
is complementing Jason's work in a brilliant way, she's indispensable. She
can answer pretty much all questions, and she does wonderful website work.
Because of all her hard work supporting IBO I'll gladly accept a snappy
remark or two from her. I guess you took it a bit stronger than it was meant

On this list, pretty much all people are treated equally, and normally quite
respectfully. You'll get the fastest imaginable answers to any questions
here, for free! If you don't want free support, you might want to ask Jason
for a support contract. Of course this list is always faster, because we
have active members in all time zones here. There's so many IBO users and
contributors here, please don't punish Jason if anybody says something
seemingly inappropriate.

Once you really get IBO going, you'll see how it was worth it! I agree that
using IBO should be made easier for new users, and the Getting Started Guide
should be free.


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