Subject IB Controls and Grid Question
IBO v4.Ef , D5 Ent

I want to know which IB_Control can put into IB_Grid or i need
to see the Source code if it involve 'IIB_GridWinControl'. because i
see IB_Edit can put into IB_Grid but can't use it .

In IBO 3.6 , At run-time in Grid during the IB_EditEnh get focus
Focus but i can use mouse to Click Form Button, but in IBO v4 , i
need to click twice time , first time cause to leave IB_EditEnh
focus , and second time to Click the Button.

During Design time , i put IB_ComboBox into IB_Grid ,
every i trigger IB_Query Active Property True/False ,
which cause Error
'Cannot Foucs a disabled or invisible windows.'