Subject STOP IT! - Everywhere. Not just in the USA.
Author delphiman
Let's just pray that people like Osama bin Laden and Bill Klinton never got another chance.

(Remember Belgrade, too)
I'm sure that this is not what this List is intended for ... and it's starting to clogg up my mail box.
So can we end e-mail about WTC with the following??? ... ...

Let's do so whilst also "remembering" the millions of innocent people who were taken out with some murderous "big bangs" in London, Berlin, Japan, Darwin and Vietman. And the "Mother of all surrenders" which has left devastation for the civilians there - whilst leaving So Damned Insane still there - to this day. So that thousands are now trying to cross the Indian Ocean in inner-tubes - to come and look for "a better life" in Australia. And if Australia resists - are branded as "inhuman" monsters.

So much for the "big bang theory" and big bangs "creating" anything.

And then there is Kerk Street Pretoria - amongst many other places. Where Nelson Mandella's ANC cronies planted a (one of many) bomb in a public place - and created the same result as at the WTC except in terms of scale. All planned from within "The University" in a prison on Robben Island.

Also numerous bombs etc. planted amongst the public in Rhodesia by Mugabe and his "freedom fighters" - for years.

But these - being outside the USA - are apparently so acceptable that
Mandella is now an icon.
Clinton's mis-use of a good cigar is already forgotten - "for ever - for ever - for ever!"
Murderous Mugabe is to-day allowed to simply kick people off ranches which have been in the family for generations - generating food and employment - to become soil-eroded disasters "run" into the ground by savages. And is allowed to attend the impending Commonealth Conference in Australia as a reward.
etc. etc..

Presumable - along with Mandella - Osama bin Laden, Bill Clinton and Mugabe will also become icons!

Lets close this on the following ...
Terrorism of any kind in fact holds no disctinction between "friend-or-foe" - and remains a despicable scurge in Society anywhere in the World. Whilst so-called "armed conflict" - wherein soldiers on both sides who have no quarrel with one another are ordered to kill one another along with innocent civilians on the instructions of some baggy-pants politician safely at home who probably got there on a rigged ballot anyway - is merely another form of it. Where those with the biggest bombs, guns and money - win.

Not just if it happens in the USA.

And "armed retaliation" on some Country - from whence terrorists emmanate or seek refuge - once again killing innocent civilians who neither know the terrorists nor give a shit about them - is simply to continue an endless cycle.

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Let's just pray that people like Osama bin Laden and Bill Klinton
never got another chance.

(Remember Belgrade, too)

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