Subject Re: [IBO] Dissappearing grid problem almost solved
> Anyway, the next sub-release should now have a permanent fix for the
> disappearing grid act.

I've switched out my work rounds, and the grids stay up.

As it happens I am going to leave the workrounds in place
because while it is probably doing the same sort of thing as
you do. Mine prevents a drawing of the grid until the page
is actually being displayed, so allows the program to
actually load faster.

> Thanks for all patience and tolerance of my inability to resolve this sooner
> than now.
> Thanks also to all those who have worked hard to assist me in fixing this
> issue.

I still can't get my sample to go wrong in the first place!

As an aside - version f also mods the reverved words check.
I had already eliminated the new reseverd words so that the
""'s were not a problem. What sort of performance hit was
being seen.

The reason for asking is that I have tried the new version
and can't see any impact in my applications. I'm still on
4.2E in production and can't see any reason to change just

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services