Subject RE: [IBO]
Author Josipovic, Nick
This is perhaps the darkest day for the USA.
Here in Germany, the news caused deep sorrow but also deep anger.
I can't understand, what these people do want to achieve, but all they can
achieve in their "holy" war is to cause deep sorrow and even more violence.
It isn't acceptable, that innocent civilist people have to pay for actions
caused by an intolerant group of extremist religious fanatics. A religion,
that does not tolerate other religions can't be a good religion.

I am from croatia and witnessed unneccessary violence and mass-massakers
done to innocent civilist people (amongst them parts of my own family) due
to political but mostly religious reasons, and therefore I feel with you and
want to express my deep sorrow.

Nick Josipovic
Corporate Market Intelligence

Phone: ++49 6227 762945

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> Hi
> My sincere condolences to everyone that was affected in the
> bombing of WTC
> and the Pentagon and everybody living in America.
> Groete
> Gerhardus
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