Subject using stored procedures.
My previous way of doing things having hit a brick wall I have tried
a new tack with no success.
I want a table with a primary key integer
And then about 200 columns or something that I can use as a diary.

I want to access it to put entries in or select entries from using a
stored proc.

Is there any way to access columns in a stored proc other than by

I can get the name out of RDB$Relation_Fields and into a varchar
variable but I can't use a variable as a field name.

So try to use an array 200 smallints
But cant get to put a value into an array slice. stored proc language
seem to allow select from slice but not insert into slice .(I have
examined the array sample program from Jason but does not seem to
deal in slices! Even example in Interbase Manual does not work
(IB_stored proc seems to reject the square bracket after
"set diary[3] = 22" [Using firebird by the way]

So I am only dealing with small integers so why not keep these as
chars in a VarChar(200) column. Yes but stored procedures have no
string-handling capabilities. So I am no better off.

Any help welcome please.