Subject Disappearing Grids ---- Still Have the Problem
Author Michael L. Horne

I have read all the posts about the Disappearing Grids. I have
some additional information to add to it.

I just switched to IBO4 - current version 4.2Ee. Delphi 5 server,
Windows 2000, Firebird.

Jason: if you still need a demo, I think I can make one.

I have noticed that the GRID only disappears when I have it on
a tab sheet. The grid that disappears is connected to a detail
table. With out scrolling the grid or clicking on it, focus is
not on it. I change to a different Tab of the Pagecontrol.
When I change back the grid is gone - it doesn't repaint.

If I click on the grid or cause the master table to scroll
thereby causing the detail to scroll then change to another page
and back the grid will still be there.

The following piece of code will cause the grid to reappear:

procedure TformBatchMaster.PageControl1Change(Sender: TObject);
if (PageControl1.ActivePage = tsDetail) then
ib_Grid1.Visible := False;
ib_Grid1.Visible := True;

Also, you can use the following:

Calling ib_Grid.Invalidate doesn't make the grid appear.

This could also be related to a problem that I previously ran into
in v3.6Di and seems to still exist. Where if focus is on a grid
when I hide form, show another, return and show form, the grid
will not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard until a different
control on the form receives focus.

Michael L. Horne