Subject ANN: IBLogManager v2.0 Beta powered by IBObjects
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi list,

a download of the first official beta version of IB LogManager v2.0
is immediately available at

This major release is now (formerly IBX) fully implemented with
IBObjects and possibly interesting for the IBO-Community. The
migration from IBX to IBO is except some minor GUI changes and some
performance issues (e.g. TIB_Monitor is enabled in beta version to
trace executed SQL statements, ...) finished. So everybody is welcome
to give IB LogManager v2.0 Beta a try.

This download package (~1MB) consists of the executable and the
history file. If you need additional files (e.g. UDF-Library for BLOB-
Logging) please visit my web site (see the link above) or send me an
E-Mail privately.

Suggestions are always welcome!

Thomas Steinmaurer