Subject Re: [IBO] small patch
Hello Jason,

Would you mind to include my small patch to IBA_TRANSACTION.IMP.
Everytime I get surprised after an update by very long refreshes
of all open tables (some 40) in my test conversion projects after
a rollback. Only a few tables are R/W and this patch makes a
rollback instantanous.

1661: for ii := 0 to DatasetCount - 1 do
1662: try
1663: with Datasets[ ii ] do
1664: begin
1665: if Unidirectional then
1666: begin
1667: if not Assigned( dll_rollback_retaining ) then
1668: Close;
1669: end
1670: else
if (not ReadOnly) and RequestLive then
1671: Refresh;
1672: end;
1673: except

Best Regards