Subject Re: [IBO] New to IBObjects.
> Which (since I am using IBO4) seems to leave me with ..
> >IBO4 has some extra bits on password to prevent them being save in a visible format.
> What would this be?
> >This can also cause problems if you are not used to it.
> What would these "problems" be - and how to I overcome them?

The only real problem here is that I tended to rely on the
password being in the program. As you are new you won't fall
into that 'trap', if you set IB_Connection->LogonPrompt to
true, you will always get the logon prompt when trying to
open the database, and have the option to change the
database or login.

The extra bit on IBO4 allows you to set how the password is
saved in the executable program. ( Not quite sure how this
works on the latest version as I am in production with 4.2E
and have not implemented the later changes )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services