Subject Re:Slow Performance
Author Aage Johansen
It will be easier to help if you show metadata (table and index
definitions), and maybe some queries.
Native components and DSQL might give a small improvement, but you will
probably need more than that.
As for h/w: Your 2GB RAM will probably be idle most of the time. What is
your page size and how many cache pages do you use? If you only have one
database, 100MB is probably more than your db will use. A fast cpu is
great (congrats!), but how fast are your disks? Do you use RAID (if so,
what kind). Can you afford ForceWrites=OFF (probably not ...)?

Aage J.

Chris wrote:
I am developing an C++ Builder 5.0 application with IBO 3.6 that has to
update multiple
sales tables from a ticket line item record. Unfortunately there are about
100,000 ticket
line items and there are about 7 different sales tables with about 6
different time
periods for each. Currently I have a TIB_Database connection and TIB_Query
to retrieve
the Ticket line items and a TIB_Query for my EDIT/INSERT of the different
sales tables.
Each Ticket Line Item has the possibilty of doing about 40-42 EDIT/INSERT
operations. It
takes 3 days to run this process which surely I am doing something wrong
here. Any
suggestions as to how I can speed this process up? It starts out at a slow
speed but gets
even slower as time passes?

Hardware Specifications
Windows 2000 Server
Pentium 4 (1.7 Ghz)
2GB of Memory
Interbase 6 running as Local Server