Subject Slow Performance
Author Chris Hulsey
Hello All,

I am developing an C++ Builder 5.0 application with IBO 3.6 that has to update multiple sales tables from a ticket line item record. Unfortunately there are about 100,000 ticket line items and there are about 7 different sales tables with about 6 different time periods for each. Currently I have a TIB_Database connection and TIB_Query to retrieve the Ticket line items and a TIB_Query for my EDIT/INSERT of the different sales tables. Each Ticket Line Item has the possibilty of doing about 40-42 EDIT/INSERT operations. It takes 3 days to run this process which surely I am doing something wrong here. Any suggestions as to how I can speed this process up? It starts out at a slow speed but gets even slower as time passes?

Hardware Specifications
Windows 2000 Server
Pentium 4 (1.7 Ghz)
2GB of Memory
Interbase 6 running as Local Server

Chris Hulsey
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