Subject Re: [IBO] I am new to IBObjects
> Using SYSDBA and "masterkey" I am able to successfully access c:/h/IBOTables/Family.gdb via the Interbase InteractiveSQL. Interface
> Can anyone please throw some light upon why I nevertheless get a "Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your administrator ....etc.etc" exception when I use the following procedure in FormCreate as follows?

> procedure TfrmMyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
> begin
> FDBPath := 'c:\h\IBOTables\Family.gdb';
> scrMain.SQL.Insert(0, 'CONNECT ' + '''' + FDBPath + '''');
> scrMain.SQL.Insert(1, 'USER ' + '''' + 'SYSDBA' + '''');
> scrMain.SQL.Insert(2, 'PASSWORD ' + '''' + 'masterkey' + '''' + ';');

One has to ask why you are trying to do that anyway?

> For what it's worth the form has the following IBObjects:
> A TIB_Connection with the following Properties
> Name set to cnMain
> AliasName set to IBLocal
> PassWord set to masterkey
> SysDBA set to SYSDBA
> User Name set to SYSDBA
> DataBaseName set to Family.

Just double click on the TIB_Connection component. This will
allow you to check ( and select ) DataBaseName which should
be 'c:\h\IBOTables\Family.gdb', and then username and
password. Then you can connect. ( The second icon with the +
sign )

FormCreate would then have TIB_Connection->Open to make it

Are you trying IBO3 or IBO4. IBO4 has some extra bits on
password to prevent them being save in a visible format.
This can also cause problems if you are not used to it.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services