Subject I am new to IBObjects
Author delphiman
Hi all!

Using SYSDBA and "masterkey" I am able to successfully access c:/h/IBOTables/Family.gdb via the Interbase InteractiveSQL. Interface

Can anyone please throw some light upon why I nevertheless get a "Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your administrator ....etc.etc" exception when I use the following procedure in FormCreate as follows?

procedure TfrmMyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
FDBPath := 'c:\h\IBOTables\Family.gdb';
scrMain.SQL.Insert(0, 'CONNECT ' + '''' + FDBPath + '''');
scrMain.SQL.Insert(1, 'USER ' + '''' + 'SYSDBA' + '''');
scrMain.SQL.Insert(2, 'PASSWORD ' + '''' + 'masterkey' + '''' + ';');

For what it's worth the form has the following IBObjects:

A TIB_Connection with the following Properties
Name set to cnMain
AliasName set to IBLocal
PassWord set to masterkey
SysDBA set to SYSDBA
User Name set to SYSDBA
DataBaseName set to Family.

A TIB_Connection Bar with the following Properties
Name set to barConnectionBar
IB-Connection set to cnMain

TIB_Script with the following Properties
IB-Connection set to cnMain
Name set to scrMain
SQL String List Editor is clear.

TIB_Transaction with the following Properties
Announced Focus set to True
IB-Connection set to cnMain
Name set to tnMain

Thanks in advance.

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