Subject Copy TIB_Query buffered data to another
Author Dominik Murk

I think that it will be very usefull to have method something like
Let me explain:
1. What this method will do?
- copy all buffered data (only data that are fetched from the server) from
source IB_Query to destination
- that coul'd be done ONLY if all sql statments of both querys are equal
(select, update, delete)

2. Why I need this?
- to speed up loading forms where I have many IB_Lookupcombos: I will open
one IB_Query (in DataModule-once per application) and when i call method
AssignDataTo to copy all fetched data from query in DataModule to query in
new form

Is this maybe already possible?

I would like hear your opinion about this feature.

Dominik Murk