Subject Re: [IBO] Asta Midas Datasnap
Author Steve Garland
<the difference between

Midas and Delphi 5 ?
Datasnap and Delphi 6 ?
Asta and Delphi 5 or 6 ?

ASTA only requires Delphi Pro, or Kylix Desktop. ASTA has a Kylix Version.

ASTA has palm clients, wince clients, java clients, jdbc driver, replication

ASTA has a messaging layer, easy to plug in compresssion (toggle a property)
and encryption.

ASTA has an unlimited license, full source is available and we are
constantly providing new features. ASTA has training available.

ASTA allows you to code the server, like Midas, or , for quick conversion of
existing client/server apps, just run an AstaIBObjects Server (whoops, we
have one of those also, <g>) and write client side SQL and get a thin client
internet ready application.

download an AstaIBObjects server from and fire up an AstaSQLDemo
against it and throw some queries
across the internet.

ASTA also has an autoUpdate feature that can stream down a "patch" that will
update client exes to newer versions.

Oh and ASTA works closely with Jason (and really need to get an official
IBO4 server on our site!)

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