Subject Re: Disappearing grids mistery resolved?
Author lobolo2000
Apologies I must have overlooked your posting.

> Maybe TIB_Grid.Invalidate helps?

I was looking for a method that exhibited the disappearing grid behaviour.
So it seems there is a misunderstanding. Could you elaborate pls?


>Gird->Hide(); Grid->Show(); restored the display.

I was surprised because the Edit example did not show any disappearances
when using visible:=true, while using Show made Edit disappear. Note also
that TControl.Show (in Delphi) does some processing on the parent control
before setting the visible property to true.

Free time is scarcer nowadays, especially if we consider inflation. :-)

The Edit example seems not to be directly related to the disappearing grids
problem because in the former case, the whole TabSheet was not painted,
whereas in the disappearing grids I guess it was. So it might be a different
problem but from a common ancestor bug.


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