Subject CommitRetaining

Got a TIBOQuery hooked up to TIB_DataBase with AutoCommit = False
to enable Transaction CommitRetaining and RollBackRetaining control.

All works, I can commit or rollback.

The IBMonitor output shows however a change in one single TIBOQuery
field on CommitRetaining triggers a
update table
set field1 = ?
,field2 = ?
,field3 = ?
,fieldN = ?
where ....

params table.field1 = value1
table.field2 = value2
table.field3 = value3
table.fieldn = valueN, for every field of the table.

Does this mean a little row field change triggers an entire table row
update? If yes, how can I restrict it to only update the fields which
where changed, avoiding non required rewrites of non changed fields?

My table contains travel quotation information, describing in detail
how pleasant the destination place is and what activities are offered
in a text blob of possible substantial size, which seems to be rewritten
on a simple field change like a date.

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