Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Edit
Author Geoff Worboys
> So what i want is a property to alow a numeric field to be
> editable from right to left i have already changed the code
> to behave like this but i took your sugestion (Jason) and
> discuss the feature with the list first just to see if
> anyone is interested in it too. Usualy all numeric fields
> are represented from right to left when not in edit mode,
> and from left to right when in edit mode. I don't like
> that jump it makes from right to left and think that it is
> more apealing visualy if it stays put. (i mean in the
> right side of the editor).
> What do you dear list think of this ?

EditEnh from the Enhanced Components will do this.

I have not seen what you sent through to Jason on this particular
issue, but my understanding was that the alignment issue came from
using a single line edit control and the restriction is actually at
the API level.

EditEnh solves this by actually being a multi-line edit control - but
it takes several measures to ensure that input is restricted to a
single line. This includes parsing all pastes, checking keyboard
activity and so on.

I will be interested to know if/how you solved the problem without
using the same approach. I was not able to solve the problem in IBOs
IB_Edit control because it derives from the VCL maskedit base, which
did not seem to permit the changes required.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing