Subject Re: Disappearing grids mistery resolved?
Maybe TIB_Grid.Invalidate helps?

--- In IBObjects@y..., "lobolo2000" <lobolo2000@y...> wrote:
> It seems the disappearing grids is due to a VCL bug and not related
to IBO.
> I was able to instantiate the same bug with simple controls instead
> IBGrid. With a PageControl having 2 Tabsheets, and an Edit on
Tabsheet 2,
> and:
> procedure TForm1.TabSheet2Show(Sender: TObject);
> begin
> end;
> procedure TForm1.TabSheet2Hide(Sender: TObject);
> begin // (put compiler optimizations off and set a breakpoint here)
> end;
> Upon entering TabSheet2, TabSheet2Show gets called, followed by a
call to
> TabSheet2Hide!! It seems that the Hide method is being called where
> should not, and hence it is not the grid which is not painted, but
the whole
> page. And this seems related to the Edit1.Show, as removing it will
> eliminate the symptoms.
> A workaround is to set the visible property to true instead of
using the
> Show method. So if the above proves correct, then a possible fix to
> is to eliminate all calls to Show by setting the visible property
> But unfortunately, I could not locate any call to Show in IB_Grid.
So it may
> be another method that has the same bug. Any ideas?
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