Subject Re: [IBO] Creating a database on the fly using IBO
Author Lucas Franzen
Paul Schmidt schrieb:
> Dear List:
> I am trying to create a database on the fly, and it doesn't want to
> work. Okay, the database doesn't exist, so I set up a IB_Script
> object, I set up the connection, including the database name,
> username (SYSDBA), password, servername, and protocol type, hey it's
> enough to open an existing database, I load the SQL into the script,
> it
> looks like this:
> CREATE DATABASE 'lnxsrvr:/var/ib_data/dbmsname.gdb' USER 'SYSDBA'
> PASSWORD 'masterkey';

Is lnxsrvr the server where IB is running on?

If yes:
you can omit the machine name, since the database will be created by the
server which is running on this machine anyway and can only be created
on alocal drive/path from the server.

if not: it is impossible to create a database on network drive.

If this doesn't help try to delete the Connection and transaction
property of the script and re-add it.