Subject Creating a database on the fly using IBO
Author Paul Schmidt
Dear List:

I am trying to create a database on the fly, and it doesn't want to
work. Okay, the database doesn't exist, so I set up a IB_Script
object, I set up the connection, including the database name,
username (SYSDBA), password, servername, and protocol type, hey it's
enough to open an existing database, I load the SQL into the script,
looks like this:

CREATE DATABASE 'lnxsrvr:/var/ib_data/dbmsname.gdb' USER 'SYSDBA'
PASSWORD 'masterkey';

I execute the SQL and get your username and password are not defined,
please talk to your administr...

I am the #@$%! administrator and the username and password are

What have I missed here?

IBO 3.6.Di/ Delphi 3/Firebird 0.9.4/RH 6.1 on server, Win95A on

Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
Email: paul@...