Subject Exception 'Dataset cannot scroll'
Author André Poisson
On my form I have a TIB_SearchBar, TIB_UpdateBar , TIB_NavigationBar, 7
TIB_Edit and 2 TIB_Grid.
I have a data module with 3 IB_Query, the 1st and the 2nd are one-to-many,
and the 2nd and 3rd are also one-to-many.
The 7 TIB_Edit are for the 1st IB_Query, the 1st TIB_Grid is for the 2nd
IB_Query and the 2nd TIB_Grid is for the 3rd IB_Query.
When I have only the 1st and 2nd IB_Query in the data module , and I do a
search on a field (which is a TIB_Edit) everything is fine, but when I add
the 3rd IB_Query I get an exception 'Dataset cannot scroll'.
If I show the 3 IB_Query as active in the IDE all the data shows ok.
Any hints would be appreciated.