Subject To all waiting for IBO 4 next release
Author Jason Wharton
I believe I am going to call the release I am putting out now "production
I have strongly put it through the paces and have good reason to believe it
is sufficiently ready.
Of course I still have bugs I am looking into and it isn't perfect but I
think it's time we called IBO4 production worthy now.
I already have all of my current applications ported to IBO4 and they have
been running flawlessly for weeks now.
All new architectural features planned for IBO4 are solidly in place and
have been for weeks.

I am making sure it will smoothly install into Delphi 3,4,5,6 and CPPB 5
right now. So far so good. Just D6 to go.

If you want this final BETA send me a private email and I will put you on
the list to receive access to this.

PS. I've made 4 new packages to replace the IBO40WEB package. Now there are
IBO40WRT, IBO40WDT, IBO40WXRT and IBO40WXDT. These are the
runtime/designtime & native/TDataset combinations of the internet
extensions. I plan to build into these packages more functionality. IBO is
going WEB crazy these days...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ