Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4 Beta and Isapi error
Author Lucas Franzen
alexp772001@... schrieb:
> I'm trying IBO4 Beta A2 but I get an error when using it on ISAPI
> applications.
> I simply create a new Isapi, create a Datamodule and place on it a
> TIB_Session and a TIB_Connection without setting any properties. If I
> compile and launch it from my browser an error pop up ("unknown has
> generated errors and will be closes by Windows. You will need to
> restart the program. An error log is being created") and the isapi go
> down.
> If I put these components on the main module instead of the
> datamodule, everything work well.
> Do you know why?
> Best Regards,
> Alessandro

Just a guess:
did you try to change the creation order of the modules?

Did you try IBO Beta B yet?