Subject Not IBO related, but IB related
Author Flipado
I hope some of you can help me on this. I have post it on mers, but
no luck :(.

This is the problem:

(cut & Paste from my post in Mers)

I have a problem that I don't know how to solve. I need to pick the
info on
a trigger is the register that I'm updating is referenced elsewhere.
I will
try to explain myself:

Code PK

TABLE B,C,D,....

What I need to know is there any reference to TABLE A.CODE in any of
other tables, so I can change safely the value of GroupCode.

Is there any place in interbase that 'Counts' the number of
references that
I can use on a table?

Thanks to All
(and sorry about my english)
(and sorry again for my off-topic message.
I use this list every day because I'm a (two-months) newbie to IB &
IBO : I'm a listener to the for now, but I hope I can help in a few

Artur Anjos