Subject Invalid floating point error: Workaround?

I have the following problem:

I have a field with Numeric(18,4).
Why I want to store big values (something like 12,4) I get a "Invalid
floating point" error.

What I could trace is:

- IB uses INT64 to store
- IBObject BCD-Field
- The error occurs in TIBODataset.InternalSetFieldData
in the function function _TrimExt(e: extended): extended;
when coming to the command "fwait"
- all with Interbase 6.01 and IBObjects 3.6Dg

I think this problem has already been described recently. I tried to
correct it by myself but unfortunately the error occurs in an
assembler procedure.
Does there already exist a fixed version or a workaround for this

Daniel Achermann