Subject Specialized WebBroker Components for IBO
Author Jason Wharton
Would any of you doing web development be interested in components that
allow you to store the contents of what normally goes into your
TPageProducer components into a specially derived subclass that
automatically grabs it from a table in InterBase?

Additionally, you continue to develop just as you normally would in the
Delphi IDE and what you assign to the component goes directly into the
database instead of the DFM. But, if you like a search and replace to be
global for your module, flip a switch, and then all the HTML is in your DFM
as text, search and replace all you want, change the text, etc. and then
when you view as form it will resolve and merge all changed producers to the
database again.

Additionally, if it detects that the provider is disconnected then your work
is saved in the DFM and upon resync it detects an ambiguous difference it
will version the HTML in a way that nothing is overwritten, just aged. It
uses datetime stamps to make the most logical decision about which one to
keep at the forefront.

The real benefit of this is you can continue to develop your ISAPI apps as
you are normally used to but you then can also change HTML in the database
and have it immediately live without having to recompile the ISAPI and bring
the web-server down to change it with the new one.

Additionally, so you like this idea and wonder what it will take to convert
to using it. Here's how simple it could be. Create the table for storing the
chunks. Standard table example could be provided. Drop the chunk provider
component onto the module and configure it to point to your table. Then,
open the form as DFM text and search and replace the TPageProducer with the
special subclass. Return to view form and then set the provider component to
prepared true and it will automatically merge the contents of the HTML to
your table. That's it.

If you are interested then they are done. I had to do them in conjunction
with the project I just finished. We have a new developer who is working
with web stuff a lot and they will be doing this quite a bit so I thought I
would write something they could use. You might like to have it too.

PS. Know that when I really have to disappear it is because I'm coding and
there will always be a goodie to share as a result of it.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ