Subject Re: [IBO] TwwIBoTable and infopower grids
Author Joseph Alba
You are doing it wrong.

Step #1. Use a TDataModule container and place your TIBOTables or TIBOQuerys
(So, place the main table and the lookup table or query).
Step #2: Right click on the tables or queries and Add all fields. This will
create persistent fields
Step #3. Switch to the Data Diagram tab.
Step #4. Drag and drop both tables
Step #5. Click on the Lookup button and click on the main Table and drag to
the lookup table. This will create a lookup relationship indicated by a line
and a relationship name.
Step #5. A pop-up form will pop and and fill-in the proper fieldnames to
create a lookup relationship.
(This will create a new lookup field in your main table.)


In your form, use a TwwLookup Combo. Set the LookupTable, LookupField,
DataSource and DataField to the proper values (ask again if you need
guidance here)
Also, set the Selected property if you want to pop-up multiple fields (but
remember to place the field you want to appear in the first column).


Joseph Alba

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Subject: [IBO] TwwIBoTable and infopower grids

> I am in the process of converting from BDE Paradox to IBO ? Interbase. I
> use infopower 2000 (Delphi 5). For lookup fields I created new fields of
> type fkCalculated, so I could use the infopower links facility (Inside the
> selected property editor). When I use a TIBOTable or TwwIBOTable, the
> option is not available. It seems I have to change the field to a
> calculated, and do the lookups through Delphi. Has anybody found a way to
> avoid this or is there something I have missed ? ( I tried the InfoPower
> help suggestion of creating a temporary alias, but this does not work).
> Thanks
> Rod
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