Subject SQL statement takes longer to open on a smaller identical DB.....
Author Anthony
Hi there,
I came accross a problem yesterday when I tested my app on a larger
GDB (over 2 files). The problem being it took over 5 mins for a
query to open. After checking the query, I found I had to change
a "Join", after which, the query openned in 5 - 10 seconds (on the
larger DB).

"Hooray - that's sorted", i thought! I then went back to testing on
my normal, smaller GDB (on 1 file) and low and behold, that one now
takes ages to open.

If I revert the "Join" back to how it was in the first place, I am
back in the position I started.

The users of my app will be able to select which GDB they wish to
attach to.

If the larger GDB was on one file also, would that make a difference,
ie: is it the amount of files the GDB is split over which determines
how the query is optimised, or is it simply the amount of records in
the tables concerned.

How the hell do I go about soting this out! Is this an IBO thing, or
Interbase itsef.

Frustratedly - Ant