Subject Re: [IBO] gds32 Error
Author Jason Wharton

This is the famous interbase bug biting you here.
You should not select results back using TIB_DSQL.
Put suspends in your stored procs (if you are using them) and select the
results in a cursor.
Either that or prepare the statement each time is is ran.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2001 9:23 PM
Subject: [IBO] gds32 Error

> Nearly there on latest release, and I've hit a major hickup.
> The program runs reliably for a period, and then gives a
> gds32 error, in an area that has been fine up until now.
> Simple TIB_DSQL reading two integers from a table with a
> parameter which is the primary key entry for the record.
> The problem may be that it is accessed in a timer, which
> refreshes information and checks for 'wait times' which
> exceed the limits ( the values being read ). It's difficult
> to trace because it happens 100 or so times before it fails.
> Since I am presuming that the timer is running in it's own
> thread, does this need it's own session, and if so How?
> Since there is already a session component in the data
> module, and the timer is located there as well.
> Something has changed in the last couple of weeks causing
> the problem as this area is running fine already on site on
> older versions of IBO and Interbase6.
> I'm on 3.6Di (with my own colours!) and Firebird 0.9.4 ( I
> have years of 5.6 data to access as well )
> Any ideas, it was supposed to go onto site today!
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