Subject Re: [IBO] Migrating from Oracle
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:49 AM 10-07-01 -0300, Bruno Motta wrote:
>Hello All,
>I have a application in Oracle and im thinking about migrating it to
>InterBase. I'm Really lost here .. so all help is wellcome.
>Something I Should Know ?

You will have to recode your stored procedures.

>Any Hints/Tips for the migration ?

Look at for papers on that subject and much more; and carefully study the InterBase Data Definition Guide, Language Reference and Developer's Guide.

>Any special Delphi/IB version ?

Any. But Firebird is the most robust free version.

>Any Links with IB Info ?

See the ibphoenix site; also (which unfortunately is down at the moment, should be back in a few hours) and

>IB Limitations compared to oracle ?

Off-topic on this list. Differences, rather than limitations. Ask in the ib-support list (

>Is the change to IBO components hard to accomplish ?

No. If you have a BDE app and you have converted your database, it will take about five minutes to get up-and-running with a conversion to the TDataset-compatible IBO data access objects IF you follow the instructions in conversion kit (in the help file) exactly.

>Where can i get more info about IBO ?

Here. From the help file. Sample apps in the IBO installation sub-directories. FAQ and tech topics on the web site ( Buy a copy of the Getting Started Guide (link from the web site).


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