Subject Alignment of Combos
Author Lele Gaifax
Hi all,

with PopupAlignment=puAuto, when the form is near the left side of the
screen the dropdown menu shows up at negative X coordinate. It seems
to me more reasonable to prevent this, as usually one puts important
fields first in the lookup table, and currently they get cutted off.

The code below is a simple but effective fix to
IB_Grid.pas::TIB_CustomCombo.DropDown. Maybe it could even try to find
out the best fit between ParentLeft and ParentRight...

case FPopupAlignment of
if ListWidth > ( Parent.ClientOrigin.X +
Parent.ClientRect.Right - P.X ) then
LeftPos := Parent.ClientOrigin.X + Parent.ClientRect.Right -
if LeftPos < 0 then
LeftPos := 0;

bye, lele.
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