Subject Re: Philosophy of using IBObjects
Thank You for Your reply, Helen!

I am of course using TIBOTable.
First problems I solve after Your message. All troubles with
positioning in records were from bad primary index.
Thank You once again.

Second problem I am working about is (not clear to You in my first

I have to write to one table for ex. customer order like:

first item:
number= ???? - this must be next number for selected symbol
('ORD' in this example - in table there are different symbols)
and rest of this position (ex. name of item, quantity etc)

second item:
number= ???? - same like first item of this order
and rest of this position (ex. name of item, quantity etc)

and more items

Every order must have unique symbol and number combinantion ex
ORD 3 etc

So, can You show the best way to do this mechanism. Maybe create
stored procedure was best. Now I am trying simple algoritm when every
user checks bigger number for own symbol then posts it to table. If
posting is unsuccesful (primary key not unique) I try to increase
number. I think that it is maybe good method by really not fast.
Any suggestions?

Last question.
I am writing applications few Years but now from 3 weeks (try) using
IB. Can I ask for something (maybe stupid) in this place, maybe You,
maybe elsewhere? Can You send me suggestion ?

Materna Wojciech