Subject Philosophy of using IBObjects
Sorry for maybe trivial questions (and my english)

Problem is:
I'am translating my programs to IB from DBF. If someone can help to
solve few basic problems I'll be very ....
I start to try TIBTable first.
1. how can I add record to dataset, post it and keep that record
active (to make some other operations - like print form etc.)
2. what can I do to keep position in dataset when other users are
adding new data - I want to see it but stay at previous position in
grid. I try it with triggers but not everytime bookmark created
automatically by IBO is valid - then I can't keep positioning on same
3. I have to write to database positions of one document ex. orders
with one unique symbol and number and different positions with it.
How to make it (special generator procedure or lock table for this
moment) ?
4. When I try to use KeyLinks to position in dataset I often have not
valid record identyfication for change data - when KeyLinks is auto
created this problem is not present.