Subject Re: [IBO] Problems installing IBO4 in D5
Author Geoff Worboys
> I am having a lot of problems installing IBO4 in Delphi5. I
> followed the HowToInstall.TXT file. The 10 BPL & DCP files
> were created in the BPL folder. I then installed the 5
> design time packages. I exit D5 with all of the IBO
> packages installed. I open D5 again and all of the IBO
> packages have disappeared.
> Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how do I
> fix it as I don't want to install the packages every time
> I start D5.

Why not, isnt it fun? ;-)

Try playing around with a few things. eg...

* Make sure the BPLs are in your operating system path somewhere
(either move the BPLs or add the BPL directory to your path). I am
not certain that this is supposed to be entirely necessary, but I
found it was required in my configuration - possibly because I tend to
move things about and so Delphi is not saving things to default

* Make sure the IBO packages are not specifically excluded from your
default project settings.

* If you have any packages that depend on IBO, completely remove them
from the package list and then re-add the IBO packages. Exit and
start up to see if IBO is still there. If so, then try to re-add your
dependant packages.

* Try and ensure that Delphi is loading the IBO packages in the
correct order by removing them all and then re-adding the dependancy
order - exit and restart each time to see if they are being saved.

I hope something here helps.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing