Subject Re: [VirtualTreeview] Re: [IBO] Virtual Tree, IBO4 and Delphi6
Author Chuck Belanger

Thanks for the feedback on the various trees.

Just discovered after getting the drag and drop in InfoTree to work correctly
on a smaller dataset (~500 records), it totally seizes up on the full table
(35,000 records). Also, its definitely not a good idea to have autoexpand set
true for drag and drop, unless the timing interval is set much higher.

What size file have been loading when you say "large?"



Looks like I'm off to trying yet another TreeView!
Could I back channel you about the VirtualTree to see how you set it up? So,
did Paul upload a new IB_VTree?

Lester Caine wrote:

> InfoTree is not one that I had tried, someone else listed
> that one.
> I have tried ElTree and had a crude data aware version
> running.
> I also have DBFlyTreeViewPro ( running with
> an IBOQuery. This one does not maintain a complete tree,
> only adding information as a branch is opened, and it works
> very well like that - very fast on a large tree. It caused
> me a problem as I can't open a branch when a fault is
> detected in a sub-component as the information does not
> exist, so I am back with VirtualTreeview and a complete
> populated tree.
> VirtualTreeview can be run without populating the
> information in the branches, but I have not worked out yet
> how to build the tree when there is no parent information
> loaded in the tree - I may have the wrong database
> structure, or I may have to modify the basic tree so that
> the required information is available as the tree is built,
> but the detail is not read until later. It seems to be a
> number of compromises.
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