Subject Re: [IBO] RichEdit
Author Helen Borrie
I wrote:

> > I disagree. TCustomRichEdit is capable of being used for rich text editing but it doesn't provide end-user editing capability.

Nando wrote:

>Neither is TButton capable of being pushed by a user, unless a developer
>puts up a message queue and loop to process the messages. Component
>capabilities are not determined by what the user can do, but rather by
>what the programmer can do with them.

Undeniable. However, a TButton can trigger off a whole lot of activity simply by calling some procedure in its click event (which is usually how it works). The developer can add various other behaviours by adding code.

TCustomRichEdit can be a container for rtf-formatted text and display it correctly according to "rtf rules". It has properties and methods that the programmer can use to implement an end-user editor. The misconception I referred to is that developers often seem to expect this editor to be available without further intervention.

>In my view you just can't disagree on this, but you are of course free
>to do it. ;-)

Thank you, I am grateful for the freedom to attempt to clear up a misconception. Oh, btw, a TIB_RichEdit_plus_Editor would be a neat contribution to our add-ons. How soon could you do it? :-))


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